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Amy Edwards

Head of Practice Area - Employment


Starting employment

A new job, a new start. But unlike some fresh beginnings, there may be some things standing in your way. In some cases, it’s historical contractual terms which prevent you from doing exactly what you would like. In others, it’s a hard bargain being driven by your potential new employer. We’re here to help.

We can help.  We’ll scrutinise the terms of your existing employment contract, talking you through restrictive covenants which may preclude you from working for a new employer , or which would limit your ability to fulfill that new role. These are important checks to make; businesses are keen to enforce restrictive covenants against ex-employees who damage or who could damage their operations and so it’s vital to be clear on what is allowed and what isn’t. 

And restrictions are likely to be important in your new role too. Most employment contracts, particularly those of senior people or employees who have particular knowledge, contacts and skills, contain restrictive covenants. Although you may be presented with a new contract, don’t assume that you must sign it. Ask us to look over it. We’ll tell you if the terms are fair, legally compliant and adequate to protect you. We’ll also help you understand exactly what the clauses mean and work with you to negotiate changes.

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