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Amy Edwards

Head of Practice Area - Employment


How we can work with you

Problems at work rarely remain at work. When you are worried that you might lose your job, or circumstances in the workplace are making you unhappy then this can become all-consuming. So it’s important to get clear advice from specialist employment lawyers as soon as you can.

We advise people on the best ways of handling issues at work. Perhaps you have been asked to attend a disciplinary hearing, or you are being badly treated. You may have been dismissed or are worried that redundancy could be on the cards. Our team is experienced in all aspects of the relationship between employer and employee and we’ll help you make sense of what has happened, or may be about to happen, and put things right. 

With our support you will understand your rights and your options and you’ll get the best outcome. An informal conversation with your manager could be all it takes to get the situation resolved. But if it’s not then we’ll help you take the appropriate steps, negotiating terms where possible or representing you at the employment tribunal if it comes to that. 

We don’t want our fees to add to your worries. That’s why we are happy to discuss an arrangement that will work for you. Fixed fees are a popular option, giving customers certainty from the outset. Where we are not able to work to an agreed fee, our costs are determined (in the main) by the time spent dealing with your matter. However, at the outset we will agree a scope for the work that you want us to undertake and provide you with a clear estimate of our anticipated fees and timescale.

In some cases, particularly where Settlement Agreements are concerned, your employer may agree to meet your legal fees up to a set amount. In those cases, we are usually well placed to work to an agreed fee at that (or another) agreed level.

Legal Expenses Insurance

Before proceeding, check your insurance policy documents; you may well have legal expenses cover which takes care of solicitors’ costs. 

If you are contemplating employment tribunal proceedings, check your home/car (and other) insurance policies for legal expenses insurance.  If you have this – usually you have paid an additional premium – it may pay our legal fees of acting on your behalf in bringing a claim. We are happy to act for you in this way.

You can be assured that we will always discuss with you the scope of your project and our anticipated fees before undertaking any work, so that you can make an informed decision before proceeding. 

You will be kept appraised of costs on a regular basis so that there will be no nasty surprises and if you have any concern or query we’ll listen and work through it with you.

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