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A problem at work can quickly become a problem in life. When you are worried about losing your job, or you are being badly treated by a colleague, this can be all-consuming. But it doesn’t need to be.

We specialise in helping people sort out their workplace issues quickly. Our employment lawyers advise on all sorts of situations from redundancy to discrimination, unfair dismissal to bullying. While each case is different, one common thread is employees’ belief that it is their employer who holds the balance of power. The reality can be very different.

Employment law offers important protection to employees. We help customers understand what this means for them and how to use the law to their advantage. We’ll work with you to write the letters you should send to your employer. We’ll advise you on the conversations you should have and the outcomes you should be looking to achieve. We’ll be alongside you, making sure that you are being treated fairly.

Sometimes cases go to tribunal and, if that happens, we’ll represent you. We know the process, the tactics and the legal arguments, so your case will be prepared and presented as strongly as possible. But we’re also skilled negotiators, so the chances are that we will be able to get a good settlement before the tribunal is in sight.

And because we represent employers as well as employees, we see both sides of every argument. It means we – and you - are always steps ahead.

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