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Sioban Calcott

Senior Associate

Dispute resolution

Professional negligence

You trust your professional advisors; we all do. Being professional means acting with a greater level of care and knowledge than the ordinary person – and that is what commands a professional’s fee.

But lawyers, accountants, architects, surveyors and other professionals get things wrong from time to time. Our team of professional negligence solicitors will work out whether you’re entitled to be compensated for mistakes made. If you are, we’ll help secure it for you through negotiation or, if it comes to it, Court action.  

Some cases are more clear-cut than others, but in some disputes the legal arguments about responsibility and blame can become complex. We’re clear, strategic thinkers who know the law and the how to apply it to the full range of professional negligence claims including those against:

  • solicitors and barristers for failed litigation 
  • surveyors for not properly valuing or identifying defects in a property 
  • financial advisors for mis-selling financial products such as pensions, share portfolios, endowments, foreign mortgages and with-profits policies 
  • architects, often jointly with engineers and builders 
  • tax advisors, especially in relation to inheritance tax planning.

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