Settling disputes early so you can move on is our priority

Sioban Calcott

Senior Associate

Dispute resolution

Building and construction disputes

Building, extending, renovating. Homes are made our own by the architectural stamp we put on them. But the process of constructing or changing a property comes at a price. Invariably there’s disruption. There’s usually frustration. And sometimes there are serious problems which need to be put right. 

Our dispute resolution lawyers step in to resolve issues between homeowners and those who carry out work on their properties. Customers come to us when workmanship has been shoddy, where costs and timescales have escalated wildly, or where the end product doesn’t match the agreed specifications. Essentially, where you’ve been let down by architects, surveyors, builders and contractors. 

We also help resolve issues with neighbours who refuse to pay for constructing or repairing party walls or other joint responsibilities.

In each scenario, we analyse the problem and the contractual or other liabilities. We will design a way of sorting out the situation as quickly as possible, because we recognise that more delay and more cost is the last thing you’ll want or need.

Through conversations, letters and negotiations we usually resolve problems without needing to involve the Courts. Our lawyers are experienced in alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation and arbitration, which customers find constructive and cost-effective. If it comes to it – and it’s always a last resort - we’ll fight your case in Court. And we’ve got a great reputation for getting the results customers need. 

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