Right to Manage


If you are (or are representing) a group of leaseholders who are unhappy with the management of their block, it may be that the right to manage is the best solution.

Dani Green can advise you about the right to manage and any other alternatives that may be available (e.g. collective enfranchisement or an application to the FTT appoint a manager).

If you decide to proceed with a claim to acquire the right to manage, having acted for both landlords and leaseholders, Dani and our team know every trick in the book. We will help you to avoid the traps and pitfalls that befall so many leaseholders and RTM companies; and represent you at the FTT in the event that the landlord disputes the claim.

If you are a freeholder and have been served with a right to manage claim, Our experts in this area, Roger, Dani and Verity will be delighted to advise and assist with defending the application.