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Roger Hardwick

Head of Residential Leasehold

Residential Leasehold

Leasehold law

Signing on the line of a lease rarely marks the end of legal complexities. Negotiating terms is one thing; keeping them relevant as time goes by is another.

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, the strict terms of a lease can become problematic. Things change. And it can be frustrating to be tied to obligations which no longer suit you.

Our property lawyers are lease specialists. We know what the law allows and how you could use it to get what you want. You may be a tenant looking to sub-let your home; or a landlord whose tenant is looking for a licence to make alterations to the property. Any new arrangement must be laid on solid foundations, giving parties the rights and the protections they need. This is important to ensure clarity for the future, and to limit the risk of disputes.

We’ll give you clear advice on your legal rights and on the practical ways of altering the arrangement you have with your landlord or tenant – or of resisting change. There are strict processes to follow and documents to be prepared, and that’s where our technical knowledge and drafting skills will give you an edge.

Brethertons are members of  ALEP The Association of Leasehold and Enfranchisement Practitioners.

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