Leasehold Development and/or Abnormalities

Our experienced team are able to assist at the very outset of a development in advising the nature of its set up, the advantages and otherwise creation of a management company and thereafter in preparing the new leases for a block that is not yet built.  They are able to work with you to help you achieve the very best for both the landlord and the leaseholders, to consider all elements in order to try and avoid potential disputes later. 

Our team benefits from experience in acting for developers large and small in the creation of residential sites including both freehold and leasehold properties from acquisition of the site to the grant of the lease/transfers of the residential units, they also specialise in Site Acquisitions and Ground Rent Investment Sales and Purchases.

For those leaseholders or landlords faced with the results of poor drafting and where things may not have gone entirely to plan and the issues only develop over time, our team can also help to find a solution to resolve matters.  Our team applies a common sense approach to all cases, establishes the customer’s desired outcome, and progresses the case to achieve that outcome.