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Roger Hardwick

Head of Residential Leasehold

Residential Leasehold


Enfranchisement is a niche area of law. And it is one which, as a landlord, you will need to navigate with care.

There are a few different elements to consider. A leaseholder may look to extend their lease. They may take steps to force you to sell the freehold to them, or exercise their right of first refusal, where you are looking to sell to a third party.

Whichever way you look at it, enfranchisement is laced with opportunities and challenges. Our residential leasehold specialists are here to work through it all with you. We advise high net worth UK landlords, developers and property management companies on taking the right steps when faced with a leaseholder who is requesting or forcing change. We’ll explain your options and help you decide what to do and how, making sure that your interests are properly protected.

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