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Roger Hardwick

Head of Residential Leasehold

Residential Leasehold

Dispute resolution

It’s not uncommon for landlords and tenants to disagree over the terms of a lease. Getting swift legal advice offers the best chance of resolving disputes before they lead to a stalemate or a complete breakdown in relations.

Our property lawyers deal with all types of contentious leasehold issues from difficult initial negotiations, to rent reviews, to applications for lease alterations. You may be dealing with a tenant who is withholding their service charge. Or you may be that tenant and refusing to pay because your landlord has breached their obligations under the lease. Because we advise landlords and tenants, we see both sides of each situation. It means that, as well as using the law to your advantage, we’ll find the best practical way of bringing a conclusive end to your problem.

There is more than one way of resolving a dispute, however long it has lasted. While the court or first-tier tribunal is sometimes needed, it’s never our first port of call. We’ll approach your problem with the aim of working it out as amicably as possible through discussion and negotiation. We’ll recommend alternative dispute resolution methods including mediation and arbitration where we think an independent third party is needed to help sort a situation out. And we’ll always aim to minimise the time and money you’ll need to invest in getting the dispute resolved.

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