Collective Enfranchisement

The Enfranchisement and Residential Leasehold department have won eight awards at News on the Block’s Enfranchisement and Right to Manage Awards, including Regional Professional of the Year, Solicitor of the Year, and Solicitors Firm of the Year.

We combine an intricate knowledge of the law with practical and commercial advice, to both landlords and leaseholders.

Whether you are looking to respond to a claim to acquire the freehold of a block, which you own or manage; or you are interested in leading a claim to acquire the freehold of a block, a specialist within the team will advise you and manage your case from start to finish.

For landlords, we will instruct and maintain a close relationship with your valuer; advise you about your rights, including your right to retain external communal areas on certain terms and your right to leasebacks (where appropriate); draft and serve your counter notice; represent you at the FTT, if terms cannot be agreed; and ensure that your interests are protected, in the contract and ultimately the conveyance.

For leaseholders, we can meet and present to interested parties on site; advise about eligibility, the property to include in the claim, and strategic considerations; incorporate your nominee purchaser company; prepare a participation agreement; draft and serve your initial notice; deal with post-notice procedures and the landlord’s counter notice; negotiate the terms of the sale; represent you at the FTT if necessary; and ensure that your interests are fully protected throughout.

We are lucky to  be able to boast a specialist member of our team with experience in this niche area Verity, an Associate, who has assisted tenants in achieving their goals of purchasing the freehold and landlords in ensuring that the process is followed correctly by their tenants, Verity and with the rest of our team will translate a complicated process into a smooth, manageable transaction.