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My job is to make a complex situation easy to navigate

Roger Hardwick

Head of Residential Leasehold

Residential Leasehold

Lease interpretation and policy advice

There is an inevitability about leases. It’s that they will be written in formal legal language and contain terms which most people do not use every day. But however unclear you initially find them to be, it pays to know exactly what it is you are committing to.

We deal with leases day in, day out. We write them and we scrutinise them. And a large part of what we do is making sure that our landlord and agent customers understand every term.

We know that once a lease has been signed it is often filed away and only re-read very occasionally – usually when a problem arises, or when a party wants to do a certain thing, and the legalities need to be checked. We’ll review your lease and interpret its terms as they relate to particular circumstances. This means that you will be clear about what the lease does and doesn’t allow and you’ll be able to take the right action. You will also know where certain responsibilities lie, for instance who is responsible for repairing the property’s roof, and who is required to keep the building insured.

You will find that we break down even the most complex legal terms and clauses into plain English. We’ll spell out exactly what your lease means and why certain things have been included in it. And we’ll usually do this for a fixed fee.

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