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      People embroiled in a dispute are often teetering on the brink of a stalemate or facing the prospect of a winner-takes-all Court case. In some cases losing in Court can result in financial hardship and potential irreparable damage to relationships.

      In some cases, bringing in an independent third party can help find a middle ground, one which brings a workable end to the situation.

      That process is called mediation. Unlike the courtroom, it is a non-adversarial forum. There are no witnesses, no judgments; simply you, your opponent, legal advisors and a trained mediator who works with you both to sort your issues out.

      Our dispute resolution lawyers act both on behalf of customers during mediations and as mediators. We have accredited mediators who work on cases spanning the full range of issues, from commercial contractual disputes and professional negligence to boundary disputes and warring neighbors.  We’re recognised for our expertise and are members of nationally recognised mediation groups.

      As an alternative dispute resolution method, mediation presents a valuable opportunity to get the settlement you need without having to go through a drawn-out, expensive Court litigation process. That is why we will always consider mediation as a way of sorting out customers’ disputes.

      To find out more download our mediation frequently asked questions

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