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Colin Witherall

Head of Commercial 



A well-planned legal structure should be the cornerstone of every new health centre development. It defines responsibilities and liabilities. And it’s what makes businesses work.

Our company and commercial solicitors advise on a diverse range of health centre developments, from small mergers to large multidisciplinary ventures. It’s our job to shape your business into a secure, efficient operation; one that will stand the test of time. 

We specialise in setting up the ownership vehicle for health centres as partnerships, limited liability partnerships and limited companies. One size doesn’t fit all. Every health centre development is individual, characterised by its service, its people, its ethos and its objectives. All of these things help determine the best arrangement for your new organisation.

But there’s more to consider. We’ll talk you through what the various legal structures would mean for you on a practical, financial and legal level. Would shareholdings work? How could you maximise your tax efficiency? How should the big decisions be made? What would happen if a key person were to leave? Does your regulator allow you to operate as a limited company? These are questions we’ll help you answer. And, having got to know you and your business, we’ll advise you on the best route to take.

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