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Amy Edwards

Head of Practice Area - Employment


Tribunal Representation for Business

However robust your employee management processes, the risk of claims arising is ever-present.

Even a textbook approach does not guarantee your safety and in many cases, acknowledging the certainty of a claim and then actively managing its resolution is preferable to enduring an untenable relationship.

Whatever the precise circumstances of your situation, you will need to act decisively to set out your position and limit your exposure on a tight timescale. Methodical preparation, clarity of argument and adopting the most beneficial position from the start is essential.

It means pulling together the facts and being clear about their relevancy. It also means formulating arguments that support your case and anticipating what your opponent will say. Our team has the experience and know-how to offer you a reliable view, to advise upon strategy from the outset and to represent you throughout Employment Tribunal, Employment Appeals Tribunal, High Court or Court of Appeal proceedings and negotiations nationwide.

We represent employers in Courts and Tribunals across England and Wales and at higher levels including at the Employment Appeals Tribunal. As employment law specialists we’ll be alongside you throughout your case, whether it’s day-to-day unfair dismissal matters or complex whistleblowing and immigration and discrimination complaints.

Our expertise is not limited to employment tribunals and if you are facing a claim in the High Court for unpaid bonus or notice monies, you can rely on our adept support. Similarly, if you are concerned to ensure the protection of your business from former staff, we can help you secure appropriate injunctions and damages.

We’re skilled advocates and negotiators. We know the law and the strategies to adopt, and we’re in tune with the commercial realities. And it means that you get the very best advice and representation, at a price which we’ve agreed at the outset.

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