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Amy Edwards

Head of Practice Area - Employment


Dismissing an Employee & After

There will be times when you wish to dismiss an employee, either because of their conduct or because they are unable to perform to the required standard.  You may also wish to scale down or re-organise your workforce.  We can advise you how to do this to minimise any negative effects on your business.

Because while the law protects workers, it recognises that businesses have interests to safeguard too. We’ll help you negotiate the exit of staff – from junior to senior level via a Settlement Agreement (previously known as a Compromise Agreement).

We can assist you with the types of conversations you can (and shouldn’t!) have and we’ll put in place the protections your business needs to limit the risk of claims or other repercussions later on.

We'll also ensure that you have the right, enforceable restrictive covenants in place to prevent key employees who have left or are about to leave from competing with your business, using confidential information, or poaching your staff or customers.

Bringing someone’s employment to an end throws up a host of issues for employers. We’ll help you make sure that the decisions you take are commercial but provide you with the necessary legal protection.

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