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Do you want to know your business inside-out?

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The Knowledge Within Business Diagnostic Report


Do you want to know your business inside-out? You can with The Knowledge Within®  Business Diagnostic Report!

If you have ever attended any B2B conference or read any management text book you will have been told business people should “work on the business, not in the business”. While this is great in theory quite often business owners have to work in the business as that is what they do. Working “on” the business sometimes has to wait. And it can be those delays and the lack of thinking and planning time that can cause problems which business owners are not aware of until it is too late.

At Brethertons we have developed an audit tool which aims to protect our customers . We call the audit  “TKW” - The Knowledge Within  as the answers to the questions we raise as part of the process come from the  owners/managers of the business not us. Think of us as a group of diligent fence builders, at the top of a cliff, ensuring you don’t fall off!

How it Works

The diagnostic tool involves  a 90 minute, face-to-face interview, after which, we are able to produce  The Knowledge Within ®  (TKW) audit checklist giving a  snapshot of where your  business sits (including identifying  the vulnerabilities) where you want to go, and how you might get there – without making costly and avoidable mistakes.

The checklist looks at 15 different areas that identify major areas of opportunity and risk within a business.

The areas covered in the audit include:

  • Business and tax structure
  • Compliance
  • Employee relations
  • Owner and investor relations
  • Intellectual property
  • Strategic plans
  • Suppliers
  • Government grants
  • Corporate governance
  • Credit Management
  • Acquisitions and disposals
  • Dispute resolution
  • Customer relations
  • Succession planning
  • Premises

Feedback from those already using The Knowledge Within Tool

Customers who have received the audit have been extremely positive in their evaluations. The outcome of the process is a checklist that can be used to:

  • Prepare a business in readiness for rounds of capital fund raising
  • Prepare a business for sale
  • Prepare a business transfer to others, whether to an MBO team or family members
  • Identify risks of which business owners may be unaware

If you would like to know more about the audit and how you can protect your business contact:

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