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Data protection poses a real risk to businesses.  It concerns more than simply the information you might hold about your employees.  It includes a wide range of information from a name and address to information about religious beliefs or health records and can extend to CCTV or telephone records.  It applies to every individual you come into contact with whether they be clients, suppliers, stakeholders or other individuals. 

At Brethertons we provide cost effective solutions for your data protection needs. We have the skills and expertise to provide specialist and practical legal advice so you can be sure your business is complying with data protection law.  We are supported by teams of commercial and employment solicitors who can advise you about comprehensive safeguarding measures and any overlaps which may occur, as is often the case where data protection is concerned.

We can help your company with straightforward advice relating to your company policy or with a privacy audit or bespoke onsite training.  We can provide template documentation which can be incorporated into your existing data protection policy and procedures.  Also, and perhaps more importantly, we can provide you with short term crisis management assistance in the event of a breach of the legislation.

Our clients range from corporate businesses with extensive HR needs to healthcare and social care providers who deal with sensitive data on a daily basis, all of whom need to ensure they have adequate compliance measures in place. 

The Information Commissioner’s Office

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) was set up to uphold information rights and regulate compliance with data protection law.  It has extensive powers should a breach of data protection occur which can result in a fine of up to £500,000.  Data protection law is about change, increasing this amount to a percentage of worldwide turnover, resulting in potentially much higher penalties depending on the nature of the breach.  Brethertons helps clients manage their relationship with the ICO which, if managed correctly, can substantially reduce any monetary penalty or avoid it altogether. 

Our range of data protection expertise includes the following:

  • Bespoke training packages
  • Data processing agreements
  • Privacy notices
  • Subject Access Requests
  • CCTV and privacy issues
  • Sensitive data management
  • Breach management
  • Complaints
  • Data sharing and security
  • Registration and relationship management with the ICO
  • Data protection policies and procedures including templates

If you would like to discuss any aspect of data protection law please email


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