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Whether you are looking to grow your business by acquisition or you are looking for an exit sale, either transaction needs a substantial input of time and energy. Lawyers can help with the negotiation of the contractual documentation, but that is only part of the story; they can provide valuable input at all stages, whether preparing the business for sale or spotting a problem in a target company.

Brethertons has a team of Commercial lawyers with a proven track record in transactional work of this nature. Few problems are insurmountable – we provide solutions. Products and services may be your priority, but crafting the right corporate framework through acquisitions and sales could be key to building and getting the most out of your company.

Buying and selling

When you are considering the sale or purchase of a business, there are many elements to consider. Restructuring, bank financing, valuations and the transfer and licensing of intellectual property rights are all important considerations and we work with you to plan and negotiate the best deal for you.

We work alongside you to ensure that you are kept updated on all progress and have access to our team at any time during the deal.

Merger and joint venture negotiations always bring with them a crucial planning and negotiation stage and key deadlines for both parties to work towards. We guide you from the initial discussion stage of acquiring or merging with another UK or international company, through to the due diligence and negotiating of heads of agreement, right through to the detail of all transactional documents and successful completion within, what are usually, tight deadlines.

We’ll take you through the possibilities, and we’ll work with you to you analyse the risks, the benefits and the legal and practical implications of each potential new arrangement. We’ll draw in the expertise you need to make sure that you understand every aspect of the transaction in the context of your business as a whole – that means your core products and services, your employees, your property, your assets, your marketplace position, your objectives.  You’ll want to see the full picture, and you’ll want to get this right. It’s our job to help you.

Exit planning

It may be many years away, but exit planning can be a long process with lots of formalities. You’ll need to ensure your paperwork is in order, showing the true nature of your internal and external relationships.

Deciding on the best exit route is step one. Mapping out a plan for achieving it is where our team’s expertise really comes into its own. We’ll work closely with you and with accountants and commercial agents so you’ll understand the possibilities and the steps that would need to be taken.

Then it’s about active exit planning which involves thinking about how and when you might leave. Are you likely to sell to an external buyer? Might your existing management team take over? Talk to us about the possibilities; you’ll see things clearly. And when the time comes to step away from your business, we’ll be alongside you to help you maximise your returns.  

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