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The twists and turns of business mean that financing is always on the commercial agenda. Raising finance is business-critical and you may find you need guidance on the most appropriate solution for your business.

You might find yourself in a situation where you have exhausted your traditional financing options, other customers are finding themselves up against overly complex or restrictive lending facilities. In some cases, customers’ businesses have taken a downward turn, and they’re looking for ways of boosting profitability. Our lawyers advise customers on the best ways of raising finance, whether through bank lending or private investment.

It pays to have an objective view, and that’s what we provide. Our team is made up of experts in financing who advise banks and other lenders as well as owner-managed businesses which need debt finance advice or which are looking to raise finance by way of loan or other borrowing.

We’ll review your organisation from the top down, making sure that it can meet its existing financial obligations and assessing the scope for future borrowing. We can provide an in-depth third party written review of the lending and financial position of your company and, working with your financial advisers, we’ll suggest lending improvements.

Your business structure may once have served you well, but things move on. So we’ll review this and advise you on any changes which could reduce your outgoings and your financing needs. And we’ll look for additional finance on the valuation of assets, securities, property or intellectual property rights.

You may have more options than you think. Even if you have exhausted your bank financing, there may be negotiations to be had which could improve the terms with your existing lender. Then there are other avenues to explore, like external financial investment or venture capital, debt finance or debt factoring.

Whichever scenarios apply, you’ll get our clear guidance on viability and on the detail of the arrangement. And because we’re experienced in shaping deals and preparing all types of loan and security documents, we’re usually able to get new measures in place fairly quickly.

Talk to us. We’ll give you our initial thoughts and we won’t start charging for our time until you are happy with the fees estimate we give you.

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