Commercial Recoveries

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Debbie Phillips

Sector Head - Litigation

Commercial Recoveries

Return of goods claims

Possession isn’t always nine-tenths of the law. Where a business has supplied goods on a “free of charge”, loan or hire basis, there may come a point at which these goods need to be returned. Each situation is different, but many cases take customers into the complex area of return of goods litigation. It’s one which takes specialist knowledge to get right.

Our lawyers are recognised by legal directories for expertise in commercial recoveries. We have advised a wide range of organisations on their right to force a party to hand back property.

But Court is never our first port of call. If the goods can be returned voluntarily, or following correspondence, then that is always preferable to issuing proceedings. We’ll work through this with you, aiming to resolve the situation quickly. It doesn’t always work; some hirers refuse to engage, or they steadfastly argue that they own the goods. Where that’s the case, we’ll draft Court documents and represent you at a hearing.

The range of return of goods claims is wide. And our expertise in handling the safe return of goods extends to preventing our customers’ property being sold via ebay and other online auction sites.

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