Getting advice as early as possible is key to finding the best solution for you

Karen Adams

Head of Commercial Recoveries


Corporate Insolvency

When your company is suffering financially or it is at risk from insolvency, you need specialist and supportive legal advice that can help you take the right decisions and ensure that you comply with your duties as a director. Facing company insolvency can be a stressful time and you need to be aware of the duties of a director and the options open to you. The insolvency team provides advice to directors to help them through the financial difficulties facing their company. If insolvency cannot be avoided, there are a range of options available and we will help you choose the right option to suit your situation.

We appreciate that directors experience immense pressure when deciding what is the best course of action for their company. We aim to provide sure-footed and protective advice to directors in the event that their company is experiencing financial difficulties. 

We work with directors to ensure that they are aware of the legal framework and the options open to them. In particular, we provide protective advice to ensure that if the company does go into insolvency, the directors do not find themselves the subject of a wrongful trading investigation or being pursued for preferences or disqualification proceedings. We also liaise with banks and other stakeholders in the business to ensure that they continue to support on going trading. We also advise directors on the solvency of the business and any possible restructuring. We work alongside the existing advisors and, where appropriate, can recommend specialists including Insolvency Practitioners, who can provide hands on assistance. 

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