Commercial Recoveries

We recover your money and assets to help your business succeed

Debbie Phillips

Sector Head - Litigation

Commercial Recoveries


You are owed money. You take legal action to recover it. The court orders the debtor to pay up. That’s the end of the matter?

Sadly, in many cases it is the beginning of another legal process. Because even where a debtor can no longer dispute the debt, they refuse to pay, they claim to be penniless or they disappear. There are, however, ways and means of recovering your money through a range of enforcement methods.

Our commercial recoveries lawyers are experts in this. We act on behalf of businesses in a range of circumstances, from unpaid rent to non-payment for goods or services. Each case is assessed, with all facts considered, to pinpoint the right route to getting the debt paid. And there are numerous options including applying for an attachment of earnings order, charging order, third party debt order, and an order to attend for questioning. There is also the possibility of instructing a court bailiff, or a High Court enforcement officer on your behalf.

We are experienced in all types of enforcement and we’ll advise on the right one for you. Our approach is straightforward, aimed at recovering the debt as quickly and inexpensively as possible. And we’ll always keep in mind the commercial realities of spending to recover; trust us to give you sound advice on what to do.

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