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David Richards


Commercial Litigation


Different people react in different ways when a dispute takes hold. But for most, the prospect of bringing or defending a claim is a daunting one. The unfamiliarity of legal documents, formal processes and lawyers’ tactics makes for an unsettling time. Particularly when all you want is to get out of the dispute you’re in.

Our team has dealt with virtually every type of commercial dispute there is for various types of commercial customers. There are always individual intricacies, but our experience in claims ranging from non-payment of fees to partnership disputes means that we handle each expertly.

Part of this is judging how strong your claim or defence is and in advising on how best to proceed. We might recommend negotiating an early settlement, or maintaining a hard line and proceeding towards the courtroom. And we’ll suggest suitable alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration; they can be less expensive and less acrimonious ways of bringing disputes to end than a county court or high court trial.

We’re quick to react in volatile situations, which means that if you need urgent legal action to be taken we’ll be alongside you. Injunctions and other time-critical applications often call for out-of-hours availability and you’ll be able to count on us to support you in these.

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