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Commercial Litigation

Commercial property disputes

Every dispute involving commercial property has implications for the businesses concerned. However large or small the problem is to begin with, it takes careful handling to stop it causing investments or operations to take a turn for the worse.

Our dispute resolution lawyers advise landlords and tenants on issues relating to their ownership, management or occupation of business premises. We help resolve problems around tenants’ non-payment of rent, insolvency, sub-leasing, and breach of lease. We also work with businesses to renegotiate the terms of their tenancies, and to deal with situations where their landlord is not fulfilling their obligations.

That’s a snapshot. In reality, there is a vast range of potential problems that can arise in respect of commercial properties. And we deal with them all, for large and small customers who have varying interests from large property portfolios to a single building.

We take the same approach to each customer scenario. It begins with a deep understanding of your needs and the context around your issue. We’ll design a strategy to resolve the dispute as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. And we’ll take into account any need you have to preserve relationships.

The courtroom is never our first port of call. Our team focuses on early resolution through correspondence, discussions and negotiation as well as alternative dispute methods such as arbitration and mediation. In most cases, issues are ironed out without having to litigate. But where things need to be taken to the next level, we’ll prepare the paperwork, build your case and represent you at the county or high court.

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