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Assured Shorthold Tenancy

You can vet your tenants before granting a lease. You can do everything in your power to make their tenancy a successful one. But you can’t eliminate the possibility that, one day, you’ll need to take that tenant to court.

Possession proceedings are all too common. They are the process by which a landlord or agent forces a tenant to leave a property, and in the past they have been a complicated, costly and time-consuming exercise.

At Brethertons we have designed a fixed price service which deals with your assured shorthold tenancy claim quickly, efficiently and economically. It’s called T-Out (Tenant Out). And it’s a sophisticated, staged case management system run by a team of property lawyers.

Accelerated Possession Proceedings (where the tenancy has expired)

Stage 1

Drafting the Section 21 Housing Act Notice and arranging for it to be served on the tenant.
£85 plus VAT

Stage 2

Drafting a Claim Form for Possession (Accelerated Procedure) and issuing it at court.
£110 plus VAT

Stage 3

If the tenant fails to respond to the proceedings within the time allowed we will apply to the court for a possession order to be made.
£70 plus VAT

Stage 4

If the tenant doesn’t vacate the property we’ll begin enforcement proceedings and issue a warrant of possession to the court bailiff.
£70 plus VAT plus court fee

Rental Possession Proceedings (where the tenant owes rent)

Stage 1

We will take instructions, complete the appropriate retainer documentation and draft a letter before action to the tenant requiring payment of the arrears in full. (That’s if you want to let the tenant remain in the property).  This stage is optional.  You could go straight to Stage 2 and ask us to serve a notice.
£45 plus VAT

Stage 2

We’ll draft the appropriate Section 8 Housing Act Notice and arrange for it to be served on the tenant.
£85 plus VAT

Stage 3

We will draft a claim form and particulars of claim, and issue proceedings at court.
£235 plus VAT, plus the court issue fee

Stage 4

We will arrange for you to be represented at the hearing.  Our service is nationwide; if we are unable to represent you then we’ll use one of our trusted agents.
£125 plus VAT to represent you at the hearing

Stage 5

If the tenant doesn’t vacate the property, we will begin enforcement proceedings and issue a warrant of possession to the court bailiff.
£70 plus VAT, plus court fee

We don’t just advise landlords and agents. If you are a leaseholder or a member of a residents’ association and would like to discuss your case with us, please get in touch.

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