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Renewable energy

The rise in renewable energy products presents a world of opportunity for rural businesses looking to develop and diversify. Many farming families, entrepreneurs and landowners are already helping to harness the power of the sun, wind and waves. But these sorts of enterprises are not without their challenges, and that’s why customers call on our expertise.

Our lawyers specialise in the fast-changing and complex area of renewables.

It’s a team effort. We’ll call on the expertise of various teams within Brethertons to get you the best legal and strategic advice on all issues touched on by renewable energy. That may be advising on easements and securing land rights. It’s certainly drafting the documents you’ll need and, at times, it may be sorting out disputes. Ultimately, it’s about getting the best arrangement in place for you, at as little cost and with as much certainty as possible.

You’ll find that we know the law and the ways of applying it to renewable projects. And we’ll be committed to your cause, helping you make the very best of what renewable energy has to offer.

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