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The legal profession needs you (or certainly, Brethertons LLP does!)

The job market’s a competitive place, especially so in the legal sector where, each year, thousands of new graduates flood the market on the look-out for a training contract. But a successful law firm is not built upon a foundation of individual lawyers working away in isolation. It’s built upon a team of committed and enthusiastic people, each with their own skills, and each from a different background with unique experiences. Without this diverse fusion of talent, Brethertons would not survive.

In today’s workplace, conventional 9 to 5 working patterns are no longer the norm. Alternative arrangements can suit both the employee and the employer. Whether it’s flexi-time, home working or a job share, Brethertons has something to suit you!

New graduates aside, we’re always keen to hear from those with ‘life experience’, having taken a career break to raise a family. The skills gained from this life-affirming event make you a valuable colleague, and we want you to get in touch!

So help me in my challenge – how many more people can I entice back to the legal world? 

I imagine there are many really talented people who would be an asset to the legal profession, sitting at home worried that they can’t commit the 48 weeks a year or 37.5 hours each week a full time job demands. Well let me say this, don’t worry about what you can’t do. Get in touch, tells us what you can do and we will see what we can do for you.

PS You can also contact me if you would like a full-time, full-on job, as well!!