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A day in the life of a legal apprentice: Edward Arnold

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09:00 I’ve been at work for around half an hour now, and I’ve already finished my first cup of tea! I check my diary and emails for anything urgent that’s cropped up overnight, and prioritise my workload. I get the ‘quick wins’ actioned swiftly so I can focus on the more complex and demanding tasks during the day.

10:00 By this time, I’ll be stuck into my work assisting Gareth and Anna, two of the lawyers in the Dispute Resolution team. It’s my job to make sure letters and emails to clients are drafted and sent on time, and I’m sometimes even required to give advice to clients.

11:00 Second cup of tea of the morning, and I’m really cracking through my workload for the day. Today, I’ve been focusing on financial matters such as bills, payments out and dealing with Barristers who represent our clients in Court.

12:00 Lunchtime! I like to keep up-to-date with changes and announcements in the law that affect my work, so I make time to catch up with social media to see if there have been any important updates. Most importantly, though, I refuel for a busy afternoon by tucking into my sandwiches!

13:00 Back to my desk, refreshed and revived for my afternoon’s work. I’ve sent emails and letters to clients confirming their instructions to us, and drafted a reply to points of disputes.

14:00 Review our progress for the day and check what’s left so we can prioritise what needs to be done next. If we have any important calls or emails that need to be actioned, we’ll bring these to the front of the queue to send them off before the end of the day.

15:00 At this point in the day, I’ll make a concerted effort to complete what we set out to achieve in the morning. After making sure my paperwork is up to date and all my admin is dealt with, I finish a reply to a client and hand my work over to Anna to review.

16:00 Discuss the plans for the next day with my team and focus on finishing the work we have set out to complete. If we’ve hit any stumbling blocks or we’re still waiting for replies, I’ll make sure everyone knows exactly where we are so we can prioritise actions for the morning.

17:30 Home time! I tidy up my desk and make sure any important actions for the morning are set out and ready to work on when I get in tomorrow.