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So you want to be a Lawyer?

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Law has for generations been one of the attractive professions for many young people. It usually ranks along side Medicine and Accountancy.

Historically, the route into law used to be obtaining a law degree or some other kind of degree, attending law school (to do a conversion course if you studied a subject other than law) and then the Part 2 exams (LPC) or go to bar school and then after further study embark on the search for a training contract or pupillage, then being admitted as a solicitor or called to the bar. Simple, but in reality – tough and expensive.

It would be an understatement to say that Law is a competitive profession. It seems as though there are more and more law schools churning out potential solicitors and less and less firms offering training contracts.

I am delighted that Brethertons have been recognised as one of the UK’s top 100 employers of apprentices, and am very proud of the fact that we have some young people going through the apprentice route.

We have a couple of legal apprentices in the business – bright young people who have studied and passed their A levels. As an apprentice they joined us a and started studying to be come CILEX members. All being well, they should finish their Apprenticeships, and continue their studies to qualify as CILEX lawyers in due course, and then who knows – experienced lawyers, Associates, Head Of Departments, Partners, or as one of the apprentices said at a recent presentation – CEO of Brethertons! Not a bad ambition to have (although Edward please note I am not intending giving it up any time soon!), but there is absolutely no reason at all why someone coming into the profession by way of the legal apprentice shouldn’t seek to one day become a partner or indeed own a law firm. If you’re good enough…you’re good enough.