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Writing books for children workshop

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Do you love writing for children? Do you write for fun, write for the children you know or do you hope to be published one day? Whatever your ambitions, why not come along to this workshop to find out what makes for a great children’s book?

Julia Wills is a local author who has been writing for over twenty years, and since 2001 with the goal of being published.  The children’s fiction market is extremely competitive, but after the usual heap of rejection letters, and completing a Masters in Writing, she wrote ‘Fleeced!’. This, her sixth completed novel, won a two-book publishing deal with Templar. Find out how she did it and what it takes to get a children’s book noticed.

Join us at Rugby’s Festival of Culture’s fun and interactive children’s writing workshop, held at Brethertons offices at 11 am on Saturday 27th June where author Julia Wills will share some tricks for building memorable characters and show you how to match them to the stories which only they can tell. To register, contact Marie Parkinson on 01295 661561.