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When new starters join us at Brethertons like many organisations we have our own induction process.  We have had many new starters comment on how great their induction process was at Brethertons. The aim of our induction process is not only to welcome individuals to the team but to ensure they have the support and knowledge to enable them to feel comfortable in their role and in embarking on their career with our firm.

We spread our induction process out over the first three months of an employee’s career at Brethertons and amongst other things; our programme involves training in the following areas:
•    IT
•    Health and Safety
•    Accounts and Finances
•    Equal Opportunities
•    Meet their Mentor/buddy
•    Compliance

New starters also get to have a coffee with me after they have been here a week or so and have gone through the main part of their induction. I chat about the business and the role they play in it and I ask them, how they have enjoyed the induction training etc. We also do an ice breaker about what secret they can share with each other (nothing too weird). I share that I starred in a Marathon (now known as ‘Snickers’) chocolate bar commercial in 1985 it’s on YouTube if you fancy seeing a coiffured fool on a golf course!
Anyway, back to inductions. When I ask our new starters “how has your induction gone?”  they are always complimentary.


I am suspicious. 

We have built a culture here at Brethertons where people can be open with me, and I encourage individuals to meet me for a coffee whenever they have improvements to suggest, or want to share what is on their mind. I want to see more of this from our new starters in the firm! Maybe they are concerned that any negativity will affect their probationary period – or they aren’t used to having a CEO that genuinely wants their opinions! 

So I am asking you lot. Yes, you who don’t work for me… (Although we may change that!!), and those that do!

What would your ideal and perfect induction look like? Help us ensure we give all new starters the best introduction to our firm! Help me ensure that when we have an opportunity that is perfect for you - and if you decide to join us – that your induction is exactly what you want!