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I wear a penguin suit

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It’s true and in fact there is a photograph of me below addressing a conference wearing it.

Am I some kind of freaky cross‑dresser? I hear you asking yourself.  Well, that’s quite a personal question and I won’t tell you what I get up to at the weekend; however, I do wear a penguin suit while addressing conferences during Monday to Friday.  In fact I would probably wear it at the weekend if I was asked to attend a conference on a Saturday.

Why penguins…?

I am a great fan of the book “Our Iceberg is Melting” by John Kotter.  It’s a book that you can read in an hour.  It has quite large print.  It’s a fictitious story about a group of penguins who can speak, one of whom carries a briefcase, and the book has lots of large colour pictures.  It’s absolutely perfect for lawyers to read!

The book is all about change, how to cope with it, how to deliver it – hopefully successfully.

John Kotter is a Harvard Business School professor.

I got into reading Kotter books, simply because my daughter who was studying management at university asked me to order a number of books as part of her reading for her degree.  I looked at them when they were delivered home, picked the ones with large print, pictures and penguins with briefcases (I am a lawyer) and enjoyed it tremendously.  In fact, it has inspired me to try and create a penguin change environment throughout our business.

We have introduced penguin scout groups, whose job it is to look for new ways of developing our services.

The iceberg that is legal services is melting.  It’s under threat.  The current legal services business model will radically change.  If other penguins on their icebergs don’t do something about finding a new one and a new way of doing things, then they are going to be in trouble.

It’s well worth a read.