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They say there’s only two certainties in life. But with proper planning, you can be sure of a lot more.

It’s never too soon to think about how you would like your assets to be shared between family members, friends and other beneficiaries on your death, or even who you would want to deal with your assets should you lose capacity to do so yourself. Making a Will, setting up a Trust or making a Power of Attorney is the best way to record your wishes. These carefully prepared documents let those who matter know exactly what should happen should the worse happen, and beyond, such as at what age children should inherit for example.

Our Wills, Trusts and Probate lawyers specialise in giving clear, pragmatic advice on the personal affairs of customers. We don’t leave it to you to tell us what to include in your Will or how to structure a Trust. Our approach is much more hands-on; we’ll ask questions, listen to your answers and suggest things you might not have considered. After all, this is our area of law. It’s what we do day in, day out for customers with varying assets and a wide range of personal circumstances.

We also advise families and executors on the process of dealing with an estate when someone has died. Commonly called ‘Probate’ this is when the executors of the Will take on their role in dealing with the estate. We’ll guide you through the legal steps that need to be taken and we’ll help make sure that those involved in the process act and are treated fairly and properly. If there are disagreements over the interpretation of a Will, or there’s a dispute about entitlements then we’ll help sort it out as quickly and amicably as possible. We also work with bereavement charities to provide support when you need it most.

We know that most people would really rather not talk about death or illness. And it’s natural to find it difficult – sometimes overwhelming – to have to deal with the emotional and practical aftermath of this happening to a loved one. That’s why we aim to put you at ease, helping you achieve what needs to get done with as few complications as possible.

We also offer specialised advice on care fee planning, tax planning, business assets, agricultural property and providing for disabled beneficiaries. 

You’ll find that we’re empathetic and practical. Our team is personable, approachable and has strong links to the local community. They’ll provide you with a broad overview of your estate focusing on every element of your personal affairs. We know the law and the ways to safeguard and maximise your assets and your rights. We’ll work with you to help reduce ongoing liabilities for tax and other outgoings. Ultimately we’re here to help you make the best decisions for you and your family.

  • Linda Jones
      • Linda Jones
      • Director of Legal Services - Private Client
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