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When it comes to disputes, the best way of winning is to prevent them from happening.

But the real world isn’t like that. Sometimes disagreements crop up. You can take steps to minimise risk and maximise certainty, but you may still find yourself in dispute over some professional advice you received, the interpretation of a contract with builders, or a breakdown in relations with neighbours.

The range of potential dispute hotspots is, in reality, far wider than this, covering areas of law including property, personal affairs and employment. It’s why our team of dispute resolution specialists plays a central role in the services we offer customers. 

Every dispute begins somewhere, and it’s the early-stage management of an issue that dictates how long it will go on. Our dispute resolution team is quick to design a solution, helping you tackle the problem in the right way. Through correspondence, negotiation and alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration and mediation, we’ll help you avoid having to take Court action. But where that’s the only option still left open, our experienced advocates will represent you and give you the best possible chance of getting the result you need. 

Whether you are suing or being sued, our aim is the same: to get you out of a difficult situation quickly and inexpensively. It’s why customers recommend us.

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