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We are one of a small number of law firms in Oxfordshire and Warwickshire to offer the services of a Notary Public.

It’s one of those areas of legal practice that people tend not to know about until they need it.

If you are looking to rely on an official, legal document abroad  then it will probably need to be verified beforehand by a Notary Public. This is a qualified lawyer who verifies and certifies provable facts which will enable a document to be recognized by overseas courts, agencies and authorities.

Typical transactions requiring a Notary Public include:

  • The sale and purchase of overseas property
  • Powers of Attorney for use overseas
  • Certifying copies of passports, academic qualifications and other documents
  • Authenticating documents from Companies House and other business documents
  • Taking statements, affidavits, oaths and declarations for use abroad
  • Marriage overseas
  • Adoption of children from abroad
  • Certifying and authenticating documents for emigration and immigration

The range is vast, covering documents for individuals and for businesses.

More often than not, customers have a fairly urgent need for our notarial services and we do our very best to make ourselves available at short notice including outside of office hours.